Searching for Somewhere that Sells Baby Monitors in Ireland?

Looking for a store that stocks baby monitors in Ireland? Then you have come to the right place, welcome to Little Lambs. We are a family-owned nursery shop offering an extensive range of products including baby monitors, travel systems, furniture products and daily essentials for newborns and toddlers. 

All of the products we source are of the highest quality, having been manufactured to last and be durable for the long-term. Complementing this is our exemplary, personal customer service which goes above and beyond for our customers. If you’d like to learn more about our range of baby monitors in Ireland, then feel free to call us today. 

What Baby Monitors Do We Sell?

Here at Little Lambs, we stock a number of baby monitors in Ireland at competitive prices. One of the most popular options is the VTech BM1000 Digital Audio Baby Monitor. This is a high-tech baby monitor that offers clear transmission with zero white noise – enabling you to hear your baby without any external interruption or disruption. 

What’s more, it offers an extended range so you can carry the parent unit with you whilst you’re on the go; it’s even possible to keep monitoring your little one out in the garden with a belt clip. In addition, this baby monitor has a visual sound alert light which will light up to signify the sound levels in your baby’s room, should you wish to have extra peace and turn the sound down on your baby monitor. 

Another baby monitor option you should consider is the VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor DM12111, which is an enhanced range audio monitor. It is ideal for checking up on your baby whilst you’re in another room. It has an impressive range of 1,500 feet, so you can use it wherever you are – whether it’s in the garden or upstairs. Likewise, it ensures constant clear audio transmission, allowing you to hear with ease whenever you use it. With a night light on the baby unit, you can softly illuminate a dark nursery too. 

Overall, buying a baby monitor is an excellent way to listen in to your little one; it will give you complete peace of mind that your baby is safe and secure at all times. To browse our array of baby monitors in Ireland, head to the Little Lambs online store today. 

Would you Like to Ask any Questions?

If there’s something else you’d like to know or ask about our range of baby monitors in Ireland, then please do not hesitate to contact the Little Lambs team today. You can reach us by phone on 025 47150 or email us at sales@littlelambs.ie

Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have, provide you with more details about our baby monitors and help you find the exact product you’re looking for. Meanwhile, visit our website to explore all of our products – from baby gifts and nursery products to clothes and travel systems – in more depth.